CVM-780E: Elective Clinical Rotation

Credits 4.0
Academic Level

Elective courses consists of supervised clinical instruction in high quality learning experiences available at institutions and practices in North America and around the world, to include general practices, specialty practices (such as medicine, surgery, cardiology, dermatology, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology), species-specific practices, other accredited Colleges of Veterinary Medicine, zoos, and other LMU-CVM approved public and private biomedical institutions.

Students are active participants in their elective rotations, participating in the wide variety of cases with instructive learning issues and situations to which they will be exposed. Elective clinical rotations can either be selected from a preapproved list, or a proposal (student proposed elective, SPE) can be submitted and approved through the Clinical Relations Office (CVM780SPE and CVM781SPE).

Prerequisite: successful completion of pre-clinical course work, clinical year standing.