CVM Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs (OAA), overseen by the Dean, Associate Dean of Clinical Sciences(ADCS), and Associate Dean of Basic Sciences and Research (ADBSR), is responsible for the development and management of curriculum, managing student progress through the curriculum to include management of students' academic records, reviewing and developing strategic plans for outcomes and assessment, support accreditation efforts, supporting faculty recruitment, development, and scholarship, and supporting all initiatives of the college. It also oversees the Center for Innovation in Veterinary Education and Technology that directly supports the Office of Academic Affairs initiatives through faculty and curriculum development. The OAA is committed to creating a quality academic experience to produce competent, confident, day-one ready graduates. It works closely with various college and university committees to create an environment that facilitates student learning.

LMU-CVM is a student-centric institution - the input and opinion of students is important. The OAA works closely with student leaders to continuously improve the LMU-CVM program. Any student who feels that they have a question or request that has not been addressed regarding progress through the program or curriculum should see the Dean.