Deficiencies in the Clinical Year 4

Students who fail one or more rotation(s) or who have serious and/or egregious misbehavior shall meet with the Associate Dean of Clinical Relations & Outreach and the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions to discuss reasons for failure or the behavior. The first failure in the clinical year shall result in either remediation OR repetition of the rotation as determined by the Dean after consultation with the ADCRO and ADSAA. The decision regarding resolution of the first failure is final and not subject to appeal. A second failure will result in a referral to the Student Progress Committee (SPC) for further action. Those students with serious or egregious professional or ethical misbehavior shall also be referred to either the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) or the SPC. Meetings during a clinical year may occur via teleconference or in person. All rotations must be satisfactorily completed prior to graduation.

For students who appear before the SPC, the SPC shall recommend to the Dean one of the following actions:

  1. The second failure in the clinical year shall result in the repetition of the rotation or repetition of part or all the academic year.
  2. The third failure in the clinical year shall result in dismissal.
  3. The second failure of a previously failed rotation will result in dismissal.
  4. Failure of remediation will result in the student repeating the rotation unless this constitutes the third cumulative failure, which results in dismissal.
  5. Serious and/or egregious misbehavior shall result in one of the following recommendations
    1. Remediation
    2. Repetition of rotation(s)
    3. Recession
    4. Dismissal from the LMU-CVM
  6. Students must complete the CVM curriculum within the 6-year term from the initial CVM Program start date.

The committee's recommendation will be forwarded to the Dean within five (5) working days. A remediation fee for rotations will be assessed to cover administrative functions (See Tuition and Fees).

Students may still walk with their scheduled class of graduation if they are able to complete all requirements for graduation by December 1 of the year of their originally scheduled graduation.