Disruption of Program Due to Recession 

A student who has been recessed is removed from their current academic cohort and allowed to re-enroll as a member of the cohort one graduation year behind (e.g., from Class of 2025 to Class of 2026) and remain in the same color category (Blue or Silver). The one exception, at the discretion of the Dean, shall only pertain to Semester I (First semester of AY 1): The student may be allowed to recess to the opposite color category (e.g., started and failed Semester I in Fall 2023 (Blue), may be allowed to start Spring 2024 (Silver). All other years/semesters will remain in the same color category. Students who are recessed will be required to repeat the entire academic year and pass all courses in both semesters, to bolster and retain their knowledge and skills for further progression in the curriculum (See Recessed Student Policy).  Upon being recessed, students must complete the Student Separation Form (See Interruption in Academic Program Progression). Deadlines for notification of intent to continue are the preceding June 30th for fall semester and October 31 for spring semester.