Emergency and Evacuation Procedures

Fire Evacuation Plan


In an instance of an evacuation order, students, faculty and staff will:

  1. systematically clear their floor,
  2. exit to the RALLY POINT, and
  3. check in with on-site Administrator and the University Police/Security.

The RALLY POINT for the Veterinary Student Center and Veterinary Skills Center is the grassy area directly across parking lot on the south side of the buildings. 

The RALLY POINT for the Small Animal Clinical Skills Center is the grassy area at the west end of the parking lot. 

The RALLY POINT for the Bovine Teaching Center and Equine teaching Center and Equine Stable is the grassy area to the East of the Small Animal Clinical Skills Center. 

The RALLY POINT for the Veterinary Education and Technology is the center grass island in front of the VET building parking lot facing Highway 58.

Every room must be checked, in a systematic manner, as we want NO ONE left behind. Evacuees are NOT to get in cars and leave as vehicle traffic will interfere with emergency vehicles.

Drills are intended to be a minimal disruption. The more time it takes to sweep the building, the longer the disruption. In event that a test or quiz is being given at the time of an event, flexibility to create an alternative may be necessary. In the event of a drill, all is to be dropped immediately and every one must leave the building, even in the middle of a test or quiz.

In laboratories, students and faculty should pull electrical cords and shut off gas immediately in their immediate vicinity and exit. Designated personnel will shut off the oxygen lines to the Small Animal Clinical Skills building.

Patient safety is always a critical issue. In the event that a patient in the SA Clinical Skills Center is under anesthesia or recovering from anesthesia/surgery, the primary clinician will be informed of the fire drill prior to sounding the alarm, and an appropriate alternative course of action will be prescribed.

Tornado Emergency Plan

Please see LMU Community Standards for details.