Industry Partners

The LMU-CVM encourages collaborative ties between our student body and veterinary colleagues in the corporate for-profit and non-profit sectors that contribute to the educational mission  and benefit the student population. These partnerships provide students an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge necessary to evaluate and interpret information from a variety of sources to minimize bias and conflict of interest.

External entities of any type may not directly contact LMU-CVM students or organize events on campus without the permission of the LMU-CVM administration. In accordance with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), release of contact and/or personally identifiable information to external entities by LMU-CVM personnel (faculty, staff, or students) is prohibited. This includes student email addresses. This policy outlines the guidelines for industry partners to interact and retain LMU student representatives.

To facilitate collaborative interactions with our students, Industry Partners are allowed to retain a Student Representative according to the guidelines below.Definitions

Industry Partner—a for-profit or non-profit entity (healthcare vendor, private practice, corporate practice group, etc.) that desires a student representative to coordinate communications and events for the benefit of the entity.

Student Representative—an LMU student hired by the industry partner to communicate with the student body and coordinate events in accordance with this policy.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions oversees all aspects of the Industry Partners program with the assistance of the Office of Student Affairs.

The LMU-CVM Office of Student Affairs and Admissions manages all the reporting and forms necessary to authorize the Approved Industry Partner/Student Representative relationship. Such responsibilities specifically include receiving event forms for on- and off-campus events by Industry Partners, organized by the Student Representative, to be placed on the student activities calendar.

The Medical Director of the DeBusk Veterinary Teaching Center shall approve and arrange prescription product distribution, organized by Student Representatives.

The Clinical Relations and Outreach department shall be responsible for approving Industry Partners whose major function is veterinary practice, confirming them as Approved Clinical Affiliates. They shall also evaluate the Partner’s status and provision of rotations annually.


Annual Renewal of Industry Partner Registration

Industry Partners will file the Industry Partner Registration Form by August 1 of each year with the LMU-CVM Office of Student Affairs and Admissions. This form contains the pertinent contact information for the Industry Partner supervisor and the Student Representative(s), acknowledgement of the current Industry Partner Policy, and basic information about the selection process, expectations of and benefits for the Student Representative.

Approved Clinical Affiliates

Industry Partners whose major function is veterinary practice (i.e., not healthcare vendors, pet food companies) must be Approved Clinical Affiliates and will provide educational opportunities for LMU-CVM clinical year students in their practices. If the Industry Partner is not an LMU-CVM Approved Clinical Affiliate, please contact the Clinical Relations and Outreach department at to obtain approval. The Partner’s status and provision of rotations may be evaluated with the annual registration of the Partner.

Email Distribution by Industry Partners

Industry Partners distributing information shall do so through their Student Representatives to distribute via email to the class lists. These should be respectful communications of valuable information or promotion of events. Communications (emails) from Student Representatives should include a disclaimer that the information is being distributed by a paid Student Representative. Excessive, distracting, or disruptive emails to the student body will not be permitted. Information shall not be posted on official LMU-CVM social media sites.

Industry Partners

If an Industry Partner fails to follow this policy, the ADSAA and LMU-CVM Dean (or other appointed representative) will review the violation and provide the Industry Partner an opportunity to explain the violation of this policy. A violation of this policy will result in the following:

  1. The Industry Partner will be placed on a probationary period. Further violation of the policy during this probationary period will result in immediate suspension for the remainder of the semester and the following semester,


  1. The Industry Partner will be placed on immediate suspension, at which time it will be prohibited from making presentations, distributing product and any other informational materials to the LMU-CVM students for the remainder of the semester and the following semester. Future re-admittance into the LMU-CVM Industry Partners program will then be up to the discretion of the ADSAA and CVM Dean.

Student Representatives

If a Student Representative does not adhere to the above policies, they will be placed on probation for the remainder of the semester and the following semester, with monitoring by the ADSAA. If during probation there is another violation, the ADSAA will contact the Industry Partner supervisor and inform them that the student representative will need to be replaced.

If the Student Representative is underperforming academically, the Student Representative may be required to forfeit their position.  At the discretion of the ADSAA, there can be a meeting of the Industry Partner supervisor, the Student Representative, and the ADSAA to discuss restricted responsibilities while the student improves their academic performance.

Hiring a Student Representative

Approved Industry Partners are allowed to utilize Student Representatives to help support educational opportunities, provide liaison opportunities, and act as a conduit for information to the CVM. Interviews and selection of a student as a representative must be approved by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions prior to establishing an association with the student. The Industry Partner will work with the ADSAA/OSAA to ensure that all eligible students are made aware of the job opportunity and that student applicants are in good standing with the college (>2.75 GPA for both cumulative and current semester, no ethics and honor code violations). Student Representatives must maintain  good standing to remain as Student Representatives.

Any employment relationships between students and external entities will remain only between the two parties. These relationships may include (but are not limited to) contracts, documentation of position expectations, salary/payment agreements, and work hour requirements. CVM will not be a party to the contract and will not enforce any contract between the parties.

Incentives Distributed by Industry Partners

Food, gift cards, promotional materials, and modest and nominal gifts may be distributed equitably to all students or participants in events. It is the responsibility of the Industry Partner to ensure that all federal, state, and local laws are upheld. Any taxable income must be reported per IRS regulations.

Non-Prescription Product Distribution by Industry Partners

Non-prescription product distribution may be arranged through the Student Representative. LMU-CVM sites (CVM building and DeBusk Veterinary Teaching Center) may be used for distribution but not for product storage before or after distribution. All products must be picked up during the designated time frame. Room/locations used for distribution must be reserved via the normal pathways and dates submitted to the student activities calendar. Prescription product distribution must be approved and arranged through the Medical Director of the DeBusk Veterinary Teaching Center.

Off-Campus Events with Industry Partners

Industry Partners may organize, through their Student Representative, one off-campus event per year with no educational requirement to provide casual engagement of students. These events are not sponsored, hosted, or organized by either LMU or LMU-CVM, and as such, no University or College liability is assumed. Responsible practices regarding serving alcohol are strongly encouraged and are at the discretion of the Industry Partner and host location.

The Student Representative must complete the Industry Partner Event Request so that the CVM OSAA can place the event on the student activities calendar.

On-campus Educational Events with Industry Partners

Industry Partners will be allowed to host one educational event per semester, organized by their Student Representative and approved by OSAA. All students or all students of one class cohort must be invited to the event.

Presentations should be educational in nature—not promoting brand-specific products or recruiting for job placement. Industry Partners must disclose their sponsorship to an audience before the related subject matter is presented.

• For product-related presentations, at least 60% of the material presented (30 minutes of a 50-minute lecture) must describe etiology, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment and/or prognosis of conditions relevant to any product discussed. When a specific product, brand or stance is discussed, the focus of the discussion should be on the science related to it.

• For presentations related to professional development, at least 75% of the material presented must be related to the topic and NOT to recruiting-type presentations of the Industry Partner.

• The presentation should be given by a veterinarian, research scientist, or expert in the relevant field.

  • The event request will include the title, an outline of the presentation, the speaker’s qualifications, and the planned incentives (giveaways).

The on-campus educational event must be requested and organized by the Student Representative at least four weeks prior to the event. The student representative should submit the Industry Partner Event Request, as well as work with OSAA to complete other required event planning forms.  Canvas The event planning process is outlined on Canvas Organization or upon request from OSAA. Requests will not be accepted from the Industry Partner directly. Industry Partners and Student Representative must adhere to all LMU and LMU-CVM policies.

Relation to Other LMU-CVM Policies

This Policy should be viewed as in addition to, and does not supersede, any Lincoln Memorial University policies or procedures on conflict of interest. The College of Veterinary Medicine recognizes that identification and/or disclosure of a potential conflict of interest does not necessarily mitigate the potential for inappropriate influence.

Sponsorship by Industry Partners

This Policy does not apply to corporate sponsorship of University- or College-level initiatives. These sponsorship opportunities are handled separately by LMU or CVM administration. This Policy does not apply to approved elective courses, clinical rotations, or preceptorships hosted by an external entity.

Though we do not endorse products or specific statements made by corporate sponsors, LMU-CVM gratefully acknowledges and deeply appreciates their financial, educational, and intellectual support. We recognize that the symbiotic relationship between industry and academia contributes to the development of therapeutics, devices, and education and so the excellence of animal and human health care professions.

Student Representative Communications

The Student Representatives are responsible for communication with the Industry Partner, LMU-CVM administration, and the LMU-CVM student body. Professionalism is expected. Students are encouraged to use BCC for emails to groups. Communications (emails) from Student Representatives must include a disclaimer that the information is being distributed by a paid Student Representative:

“The following information is being distributed on behalf of *company name.* I am a paid representative of this company and the information contained here does not reflect the views of LMU-CVM nor imply endorsement of this company.”

Student Representative Reporting

Student Representatives will complete the Industry Partner Semester Report Form at the end of each semester that reports their workload, perception of the experience, a synopsis of activities and attendance for the semester.