LMU-CVM supports lactating women. There are designated lactation rooms in SA150 and CVM252. These can be reserved through the building coordinators. Students will make reasonable efforts to pump between classes or outside of instruction time. Lactating students who must pump during a portion their class period must seek temporary accommodations through the Title IX office through the aforementioned process. Instructors are prohibited from penalizing breastfeeding students for their absence to express breast milk on campus. Instructors and students shall work together to identify solutions for making up instruction missed. If problems arise, or a student must miss class for longer periods due to medical necessity, the student may contact ADSAA and Title IX for assistance establishing reasonable accommodations. 


For more information about resources available on and off campus, and to view the harassment, discrimination, and sexual misconduct policies, visit or contact the Title IX office at:

Hannah Olberding, Title IX Coordinator & Institutional Compliance Officer
Grant-Lee 115 (Harrogate)/ Duncan School of Law 249 (Knoxville)
Office: 423.869.7099 or