LMU and LMU-CVM Departments

Lincoln Memorial University and LMU-College of Veterinary Medicine seek to provide students with resources needed to excel. All LMU and LMU-CVM resources are available to LMU-CVM students. Listed are the departments that may be most useful for students.

LMU Departments

A comprehensive list of resources available from LMU to students is available through LMU's website at https://www.lmunet.edu/student-Hf e/index.php.


Information Services

The office of information services is available by phone or text (423.869.7411), email (helpdesk@lmunet.edu), or by visiting their offices. More information about information services is available on their website at https:/ /www.lmunet.edu/information-services/index.php.

Note: The official manner of communication from the administration and faculty to CVM students is via university e-mail. LMU veterinary students are required to use and read all e-mail correspondence from LMU­ CVM and the University.


Office of Accessible Education Services

Lincoln Memorial University, in compliance with the ADA act, is committed to providing accessible education services to students. The Office of Accessible Education Services may be reached at 423.869.7121. More information about the office may be found online at https://www.lmunet.edu/student-life/accessible-education­ services/accessible-education-services.


Counseling Services Office

Lincoln Memorial University Counseling Services are available in Duke Hall to help students with personal, career, and academic concerns that affect academic success and quality of life. Students may directly contact LMU Counseling Services at 423.869.6277. All meetings are confidential. Referral to local counseling and assistance resources is available upon request by the student. For more information, go to LMU Counseling Services website at https:/ /www.lmunet.edu/counseling/index.php.



As a supplement to LMU Counseling Services, Empathia is offered at no cost as a resource to students. This is an online service that provides service to support the needs of students in a number of areas, including mental health counseling, wellness services, financial/legal support and referrals, and more. Empathia resources are available 24/7 through phone (855.695.2818), text "hello" to 61295, mobile app StudentLife, or web (StudentLifeServices.com). Sign in using the password LMU1.


Library Resources

The Lon and Elizabeth Parr Reed Health Sciences Library located on the second floor of the Carnegie Vincent Library houses the medical print and electronic journals, books, and manuscripts for students, faculty, and other health professionals of the University and LMU-CVM. A small collection of reference materials is available at the DVTC. To reach the Library, please call 423.869.7079 or visit the Library's website at https://library.lmunet.edu/library.


Campus Police and Security

Campus Police and Security may be reached at 423-869-6911.

Lincoln Memorial University has an on-campus police force that provides supervision for the entire campus in conjunction with LMU standards and policies and State of Tennessee certification requirements. The LMU Campus Police and Security Team is professionally trained and licensed by the State of Tennessee. Security is administered and monitored through the LMU Office of Student Services. At least one police officer is on duty seven days per week, 24 hours per day to secure campus facilities, protect and assist campus medical students, personnel, visitors and to monitor traffic regulations. The DVTC campus in Virginia also has a 24 hour per day licensed security presence and maintains constant communications with the Harrogate campus. The Campus Police and Security Office is located in the Tex Turner Arena. All students, faculty, staff, and visitors are encouraged to report criminal activity and any other safety concern as soon as safely possible. Upon request, reports can be submitted through a "voluntary confidential reporting process."

Campus Police and Security provides numerous services to the LMU community, including, but not limited, to vehicle patrols, foot patrols, door locks and unlocks, escort service after hours, camera monitoring, and dispatching for both emergency and non-emergency situations. For more information regarding LMU's Campus Police and Security, please visit https://www.lmunet.edu/campus-police-and-security/.

LMU utilizes LiveSafe to notify university members in the event of an emergency. All LMU students are encouraged to enroll in the LiveSafe Emergency Alert System. For further information regarding LiveSafe, refer to https://www.lmunet.edu/campus-police-and-security/livesafe.php.

In accordance with Public Chapter 317, "College and University Security Information Act," enacted July 1, 1989, in the state of Tennessee, LMU submits monthly crime statistics to the Tennessee Bureau of lnvestigation (TEI). Specific policies and procedures are available upon request from the Campus Police and Security Department.

In the event of an emergency or any other security need, look for an officer, call a police officer at (423) 526- 6526 (dial in your phone number), or phone the Security Office at (423) 869-6911. Warnings (crime, emergencies, or weather-related) particular to the University community are coordinated through all or a combination of the following: LMU Police, the Office of the President, the Office of Student Services, and the LMU Health and Safety Committee (12/18/03).

Crime Statistics at LMU for the past calendar years are listed in the general student handbook in accordance with The Clery Act, 20 U.S.C. §1092 and 34 CPR 668.46(6)(1) & 34 CPR 668.46(c)(l)-(2).


Financial Aid Office

The Office of Financial Aid is responsible for providing qualified students the appropriate documentation and counseling to secure financial assistance in the form of loans, scholarships, and grants. The Office of Financial Aid can be reached at 800-325-0900, extension 6336.