Locker Policy

All lockers within the College of Veterinary Medicine are the property of the College of Veterinary Medicine and are subject to applicable University and College policies. LMU reserves the right to alter polices governing the use of lockers with appropriate notice.

The Lincoln Memorial University-College of Veterinary Medicine reserves the right to search any locker, upon reasonable suspicion, for prohibited or illegally possessed substances or objects, in instances where locker procedures are being abused, or in the case of an emergency situation.

Students are only allowed to use the locker assigned to them at the beginning of school year. It is the student's responsibility to keep their assigned locker clean and in good condition. Students should not write or mark in or on the locker. Students are not permitted to affix items to the interior or exterior of their lockers. Students must report any problems to the LMU-CVM. Students may be assessed a repair charge for any damage that they cause to the locker.

Students should not store valuables in their lockers. LMU-CVM cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property.

Lockers must be cleaned out at the end of the school year, if a student is taking a leave of absence or withdrawing from the program, or if a student is no longer taking classes at the DVTC. For any locker not cleaned out, the locker lock will be cut and contents of the locker disposed of. LMU-CVM will not be held responsible for items, including the lock, left behind by the student.