Registration of Student Organizations

Veterinary students are encouraged to develop, organize, and participate in student associations and government organizations. However, students may not hold more than two elected positions at the same time. Elections for offices are held in accordance with the SGA and SAVMA by-laws. The LMU-CVM Office of Student Affairs is responsible for providing support for these associations or organizations. The LMU-CVM Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA) is the coordinating body for student organizations. In an effort to encourage a formal, organized system of student activities, the LMU-CVM has adopted processes and policies concerning the registration of student organizations.  The registration process is designed to permit students to create a formal organization intended to fulfill a common purpose, to provide opportunities for student interaction through participation in managing the affairs of the group and implementation of activities/programs and to foster individual student growth and development through responsible involvement in co-curricular activities.

A student organization can be registered if the organization is in compliance with the following criteria and conditions. However, compliance of the required criteria and conditions does not directly or indirectly imply the approval of the organization or its activities by LMU-CVM.  Student organizations must secure registration forms from the Office of Student Affairs and be approved according to SAVMA by-laws. In addition, the student organization must obtain an LMU-CVM advisor in order to take advantage of the privileges accorded to registered LMU-CVM student organizations. [CK1] 

Annual Requirements

Once student organizations receive official recognition, the organizations must retain LMU-CVM support through the following criteria:

  1. Completion of a registration form;
  2. Participation in SAVMA (honor societies excluded);
  3. Leadership and advisement of a full-time faculty or staff member;
  4. Approval of organizational activities and events through the Office of Student Affairs;
  5. Cooperation with LMU policies and procedures;
  6. Contribution to and support of the philosophy and mission of LMU; 
  7. Completion of successful semester evaluation;
  8. Completion of all necessary forms (available in the Office of Student Affairs)