Remediation is designed to improve the student's understanding of the course content. Each course director designs remediation to ascertain that the student has reached a satisfactory level of competence in the required coursework. There is no set format for any course's remediation. Students who successfully remediate a course will be allowed to continue in the CVM curriculum. The highest grade that may be obtained in a remediated course is a "C". The transcript of the student will reflect the remediation with the original grade recorded: F/C (rem). The timing of the remediation will occur at the course director's discretion, but generally will occur during the summer between semesters. Remediation may occur between fall and spring semesters for select courses at the discretion of the course director. Students remediating after the end of 6th semester will be required to complete remediation prior to entering clinical rotations. Students who have remediated a course will be placed on Academic Probation for the semester following remediation (See Academic Warning and Probation).

Students who fail the remediation of a course will automatically be recessed and required to repeat the academic year in which the failure occurred. Each course failed to remediate will be counted as an additional failed course in future academic decisions.

A remediation fee will be assessed to cover administrative functions (See Tuition and Fees).