Right to Appeal

A student wishing to appeal the LMU-CVM Dean’s decision must submit a letter requesting an appeal to the Student Appeals Committee via email to LMU-CVMAppealsCommittee@student.lmunet.edu within five (5) working days of receiving notification of that decision. During the process of the appeal, the conditions set forth in the dean’s decision will stand (e.g., probation, dismissal/separation). 

The Appeals Committee determines if the LMU-CVM policies and procedures relating to the case were followed and that no gross misapplication of fact occurred. The committee does not render a judgment on the Ethics and Honor Code violation or academic deficiencies, only that the proper policies and procedures were followed.   They will meet with the student and if requested by the student, a PA, but not with witnesses or complainants.  The decision of the committee will be forwarded in writing by the chair to the Dean of LMU-CVM. The Dean of LMU-CVM will forward it to the student by certified mail to their last official address or hand-delivered with return receipt. All decisions of the Appeals Committee will be final and binding. No further option for appeal will be considered.

The Student Appeals Committee has five (5) working days to finalize the case.