Risk Management

Liability coverage for clinical activity is maintained by LMU-CVM for each LMU-CVM student on approved clinical courses while the student is directly under the supervision of the assigned clinical site supervisor or designee in the U.S. and Canada. The liability coverage does not apply to any unsupervised student clinical activity or to a student’s activity outside of an approved clinical course for academic credit (such as during a weekend or student self-directed study block). The liability coverage only extends to learning experiences scheduled by the Office for Clinical Relations and Outreach. Should you or your clinical affiliate request proof of coverage, please email the Office of Clinical Relations and Outreach (LMUCVM.ClinicalRelations@LMUnet.edu) and put “Proof Of Liability Request) in the Subject Line to request a copy of proof of liability coverage. 

Should a student wish to take part in clinical activities over a weekend or during a self-directed study block, it is recommended they apply for liability coverage through the AVMA (a student discount may be available for SAVMA members).  Visit https://www.avmaplit.com/students/ for more information. 

Student Accident Reporting 

Due to the inherent dangers within the profession, injury is always a possibility, and every effort must be made to minimize danger and maximize safety for self and others. Students must utilize their veterinary training to properly and humanely approach and restrain animals to avoid both personal injury and injury to personnel or patients. Students are expected to apply the principles of animal behavior learned throughout the pre-clinical curriculum to ensure the safety of themselves, others around them and their patients. 

If an injury occurs during a clinical rotation, and the injury requires medical attention beyond first aid, the student should immediately obtain help from either 911 or the closest hospital/urgent care facility. In the event of an accident/incident, you must fill out a Student Accident/Incident Report Form, which is located at Accident/Incident Report under the CVM Student Services Organization in Medtrics™. Please contact the CRO office as soon as possible.

 Change Of Address 

It is important that the Office of Clinical Relations and Outreach be kept up to date on each student’s current contact information. Failure to promptly report a change in name, mailing address, telephone number, or other contact information can result in failure to receive information important to the successful completion of clinical rotations. It is the responsibility of the student to supply current and timely contact information. This information must be updated by the student in the student’s Medtrics™ record. It is the student’s responsibility to provide LMU-CVM with the approval to contact the student’s emergency contact person by signing and returning the appropriate documentation.