Assessment and Evaluation

All rotation specific grading practices are captured in the individual course syllabi.  Please use them as references.  

4th-year clinical rotations are graded on a pass-fail basis.  Rotations at Foundation sites (where LMU faculty are the educators assessing the students, CVM 779, 778, 774, 773) use a passing grade of 70%.  To allow for the lack of uniformity in assessments at other clinical affiliate sites such as FIS and Elective Clinical Sites (where consistent preceptor evaluations are not possible because of the number of sites involved), the passing grade for a clinical rotation is 60%. 

Skills and competencies being assessed vary, depending on the objectives of the rotation, and whether it takes place at a primary site, a FIS requiring a Capstone project, an FIS being used as an elective, etc.  Please refer to the specific course syllabus for further details on the criteria used as assessment standards for a particular clinical rotation course.