Ethical and Honor Code Violation Resolutions

Interim Suspension

Interim Suspension is issued in extreme or unusual cases when there is reason to believe, supported by sufficient evidence, that the continued presence of a student on campus presents an immediate danger or threat of harm to themselves or other members of the campus community. This may include but is not limited to, threat of disruption of any University operations or activities. Interim Suspension includes the immediate suspension of all student privileges associated with attending the University, including its related functions. A student who has been placed on Interim Suspension may not attend classes, may not participate in any University activities, and may be prohibited from being on University property pending the investigation of potential violations of the Student Handbook and outcome issued by the LMU-CVM Dean.

Personal Grievances

Grievances of a personal nature that violate the Ethics and Honor Code, may be addressed through mediation facilitated by the ADSAA between the two parties.  If mediation does not reach a resolution through the ADSAA, the process will progress as outlined in Ethical and Honor Code Violation Procedures.