Interruption in Academic Program Progression

Progression in a student's academic program can be interrupted for various reasons, resulting in gaps within the scheduled curriculum. These interruptions can consist of different formats including a leave of absence, a recession, withdrawal, or dismissal. Students must complete the DVM curriculum within six years from initial start date. This term may be extended due to extenuating circumstances upon formal written petition and approval by the Dean. The process of each interruption, including the detailing of necessary action steps, are detailed below. All students who are leaving the program for any length of time must complete a Student Separation Form. This document can be obtained by contacting the Administrative Assistant to the LMU-CVM Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions. This form will provide acknowledgement from the following offices/departments in the order as listed:

  • LMU-CVM Office of Admissions
  • LMU-CVM Student Affairs Office
  • LMU-CVM Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions
  • LMU Registrar
  • LMU Financial Aid Office
    • A meeting with the Financial Aid Office will include discussion regarding how the leave will affect their financial aid eligibility.
  • LMU Cashier's Office
    • The official date of the Leave of Absence will be the date of receipt of the student's official request. Any tuition refunds or outstanding balances will be based on this date.

This form will be generated by the OSAA and sent to all appropriate parties via Adobe Sign, with completed copies automatically returned to all parties.

If a student withdraws or is dismissed from the program, the LMU Security Office will also be notified. The student will forfeit their LMU-CVM student identification card to LMU Security prior to leaving campus.​​​​​​​