Objectives for the Clinical Year

The clinical courses are supervised clinical experiences designed to further your knowledge in specific areas of veterinary medicine. You will be given the opportunity to assume broader clinical responsibility under the supervision of an experienced veterinarian. Your off-site learning experiences will offer an abundance of "real­ world" learning opportunities. This active, experiential learning creates a natural extension from your pre­ clinical education into clinical education and, ultimately, into professional practice. Through your elective clinical courses, you will be able to further explore learning experiences consistent with your career objectives. Ultimately, the goal of the clinical year experience is to allow for development of skills to become a competent, confident veterinarian and compassionate problem solver who is prepared to bring entry-level skills to the greatest profession on earth.

All students are held to the highest professional standards regarding truthfulness in word and deed regarding academic and clinical matters throughout their education. Honesty and integrity are among the most valued traits of a veterinarian, and each student is expected to assume personal responsibility for these traits. Academic dishonesty includes cheating, plagiarism, using unauthorized resources during examination(s), and signing another person's name to an attendance or examination document. The Student Ethics and Honor Code of the LMU-CVM is to be upheld throughout the clinical year. Failure to uphold the Student Ethics and Honor Code may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.