Scheduling and Site Collection

Please refer to communications from the CRO team and Medtrics™ for details on scheduling and site selection.  For a listing of current Clinical Affiliates please utilize Medtrics™. In general, students design their fourth year scheduled during the fall of third year.  They may consult with a career advisor at this point.  The list of career advisors is maintained in the Office of Student Affairs and Admissions. The schedules are turned into the Office of Clinical Relations and Outreach at the end of fall semester of third year for optimization.  Students receive their schedules early in spring semester of third year. It is imperative that students follow the guidelines set forth by the CRO team as to how they go about contacting their clinical year sites. 

Elective distributive courses must be selected with the approval of the Office of Clinical Relations and Outreach in any discipline, in any facility, which meets LMU-CVM clinical site criteria. A list of pre-approved elective distributive rotation experiences is found in Medtrics™. Students are encouraged to schedule elective clinical courses in a variety of sites to further explore opportunities for graduate veterinarians, as well as to further build confidence in areas of professional interest. If an elective distributive course is not pre-approved and found in Medtrics™, the elective distributive course site may be submitted by the student for approval within the guidelines and parameters established by the Clinical Relations and Outreach team.