Academic Warning

Early Intervention for Students with Academic Difficulty

Any student whose performance is below 75% during a semester in one or more courses will be required to follow specific procedures designed to help improve the student's performance.

To address the needs and requirements of these students:

  1. Students will be required to meet with at least one of the following: academic advisor, Director of Academic Success, the Director of Academic and Inclusive Excellence, or the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions to review their plans on improved performance.
  2. The student will be provided the contacts for the available course tutors and may schedule tutoring sessions as desired.
  3. The student will be counseled to meet with the CVM Director of Academic Success to review successful study practices and behavior that can contribute to academic success.

These procedures will be in place for the remainder of the applicable semester, regardless of future performance in the semester's course work. All attendance data will be provided to the Student Progress Committee as part of its evaluation of the student's performance should a student be required to come before the committee.